Extension panels for Smart GateⅡ

Extension panels allow the gate to fit openings with various width. You can choose the most suitable one to your house among 4 sizes!

Wide panels for new Milky (White) color is now available.

ワイドパネル ブラウン S(91~115cm)~XL(163~187cm)まで

▲ Brown

ワイドパネル ホワイト S(91~115cm)~XL(163~187cm)まで

▲ New Color - Milky (White)

ワイドパネル アイコン


You can choose the appropriate height to avoid the pressure mount contacting baseboard.

Notes about set up

  • Never use at top of stairs.
Specification(The list will open)
Name Extension panel for Smart GateⅡ
Attachable opening width S: 91~115cm wide
  M:115~139 cm wide
  L: 139~163 cm wide
  XL:163~187cm wide
Size (W×D×H) S: 34×3.5×88 cm
  M: 59×3.5×88 cm
  L: 82×3.5×88 cm
  XL: 107×3.5×88 cm
Weight (Approx.) S: 1.1kg
  M: 2kg
  L: 3kg
  XL: 4.5kg
Material Polyethylene, Aluminum
Country of production China
Manufacturer Nihonikuji
JAN Code S:Brown 4955303001765 / Milky White 4955303002106
  M:Brown 4955303001772 / Milky White 4955303002113
  L:Brown 4955303001789 / Milky White 4955303002120
  XL:Brown 4955303001796 / Milky White 4955303002137
Product code S:Brown 5014107001 / Milky White 5014048001
  M:Brown 5014108001 / Milky White 5014049001
  L:Brown 5014109001 / Milky White 5014050001
  XL:Brown 5014110001 / Milky White 5014051001

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