Shaun the Sheep Chime Toy (Shaun & Bitzer)Hanging Toy

チャイムトイ ショーン&ビッツァー

The famous Shaun and Bitzer became cute small chimes!

Very cute chimes made out of soft gentle texture. Small sized makes it easy for a baby to hold and play.
Tape fastener loop for attaching to stroller and crib! Take Shaun and Bitzer with you anywhere you go.

チャイムトイ ショーン&ビッツァー なかよしコンビがセット
チャイムトイ ショーン&ビッツァー 後ろ姿
チャイムトイ ショーン&ビッツァー おでかけにピッタリ
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  • Gentle soothing sound
    Your child can enjoy a nice sound while playing with Shaun and Bitzer!
    Various ways to play!
    The famous pair became cute small chimes! Also good for doll play.
    Perfect for travels
    The tape fastener loop allow you to take them anywhere you go. It can be easily attached to stroller and crib!
  • Name Shaun the Sheep Chime Toy (Shaun & Bitzer)
    Target Age From 0 month
    Size Shaun: H21.5cm
    Bitzer: H約23.5cm
    Material Polyester, ABS
    Components 2 pieces of Chime Toy (Shaun and Bitzer)
    Country of production China
    JAN 4955303706073
    Product code 6051002001

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