Shaun the Sheep All-Season Reversible Belt (Strap) Cover


Shaun the Sheep All-Season Reversible Belt (Strap) Cover

Choose from two different fabrics, dry and fluffy touch, depending on the seasons. Provide an extra layer of comfort to your baby in stroller with protection from harness belt irritation.

抱っこひもベルトカバー リバーシブル
抱っこひもベルトカバー 洗えます。
抱っこひもベルトカバー ベビーカーにつけたら
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    Can also be used for other things such as bag handles and a baby carrier

  • リバーシブル
  • Name Shaun the Sheep All-Season Reversible Belt (Strap) Cover
    Target Age From 0 month
    Size W22×H18cm
    Material Polyester
    Components Sold in pairs
    Country of production China
    JAN 4955303706042
    Product code 6381000001

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