Safety Step Gate

Simple & “Off White” color - creates a homey atmosphere

Safety Step Gate
Safety Step Gate 取付イメージ

Many Convenient Features!

Safety Step Gate ステップカバー

It helps eliminate the difference on the floor surface.

Safety Step Gate 開扉ボタン・両開きドア

Durable but light door for easy opening and closing

Safety Step Gate

Can keep the door open at 90°(when not in use)

Safety Step Gate 取付イメージ

Product Features

This simple white blow molding plastic gate creates a homey atmosphere. Durable but light door for easy opening & closing.

  • Easy Pressure Mounted installation: no hardware required, no damage (no screws) to your home.
  • Opens in both directions and can be operated with just one hand.
  • Childproof double locking system provides extra security and relief to parents.
  • The door can be kept open at 90 degrees for easy walk thru (when not in use)
  • Step covers (2 pcs) included for tip over
  • Openings between 77 – 92cm / 80 cm tall
  • Not for the top of stairs
  • For 6 months to 24 months
  • Also great for PETS
There is a pre-set gap between the gate door latch and the frame. (This is not a defect.)
The gap will disappear when you tighten the gate and the gate is correctly installed. (Pressure mounted installation)

The included extension frame allows the gate to fit openings maximum 92cm wide.
It fits up to 92cm wide with added extensions

Safety Step Gate
Safety Step Gate
Specification(The list will open)
Name Safety Step Gate
Target age 6 months ~ 2 years
Attachable opening width 77~85cm wide
With extension frame: 85~92cm wide
Size (W×D×H) 77~92×3×80 cm (Without extension frame)
Weight About 5kg
Material Polyethylene, Steel, ABS
Country of production China
JAN Code 4955303003172
Product code 5010143001

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