The World of Eric Carle™ “Let’s tidy up” Toy Organizer

A wonderful Toy Storage Organizer! Let’s tidy up your toys with The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

The World of Eric Carle™ “Let’s tidy up” Toy Organizer

Cute organizer encourages your child to make it a habit of tidying up!

遊びながら自然にお片付けができる収納棚 はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき

The cute storage organizer is designed to help making children want to tidy up after playing.

すっきり収納 はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき

Easy to place and take out encourage children to establish a habit of tidying up!

Four points of easy tidy up.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき 中身が見やすい傾斜のあるトレイ

The trays are slightly tilted, making it easy to see the contents inside and take out what they are looking for!
Also, easy to put back after playing.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき 内側デザイン

Comes with 6 trays in two sizes and three colors. Helpful for children to classify their toys.
The Caterpillar and fruits from Eric Carle’s famous book “The very hungry caterpillar” is printed on each tray.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき 持ち運びしやすい軽いプラスチックトレイ

The lightweight plastic trays are easy to carry even by a child.
By completing the whole procedure of tidying up by putting the tray back to the shelf, children can experience the sense of accomplishment and it helps them to gain confidence.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき ディスプレイ収納

Open displayed organizer allows easy access to the toys children want to play with. It also means simple and easy clean up.

Can be used over a long period of time from birth.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき 赤ちゃんの時

When your child is small, it can be used for storing diapers, wipes and extra clothes.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき ディスプレイ収納

When your child grow a bit bigger, it helps to develop their organizing skills by putting used toys back to the tray. They can choose and take out the toys anytime they needed.

Let’s enjoy tiding up with The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき 耐荷重

The weight capacity of the total storage is 18kg. (4kg per a large tray and 2kg per a small tray)

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき 両サイドのイラスト

Sideboards also have a cute caterpillar printings. Its soft gentle design is perfect for a children's room.

はらぺこあおむし おかたづけ大すき サイズ
Specification(Click to open details)
Name “Let’s tidy up!” Toy Organizer - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Design
Weight capacity 18kg (Large tray: 4kg, Small tray: 2kg)
Size W64.5×D30.5×H68.5cm
Weight About 5.3kg
Material Polypropylene, Steel, MDF (UV paint and Polyurethane-acrylic resin coating)
Components MDF board(2), Small Tray (3 - Yellow, Green and Red), Large Tray (3 - Yellow, Green and Red), Rod (6), Screw (12)
Assembly method Assembly with a Phillips-head screwdriver
Country of production China
JAN Code 4955303706516
Product code 6830001001

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