Wash & Fold Portable Baby Circle

The series has sold a total of 33,149 units since the launch in July, 2017 (As of March, 2019)

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Icon

Provide comfortable using.
Washable and foldable features provide a comfortable clean play area whenever needed.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle折りたたみ

▲ Easy and Quick Set up/ Fold up
To set up, attach the stabilizing plates to each end and unfold the frame.
To fold up, unlock the frame and push the frames inwards.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circleたためばコンパクト

▲ Compact Storage
Self-standing feature for easy and convenient storage.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle 持ち運び収納袋付き

▲ Portable Storage Bag
Storage bag with shoulder strap is perfect for travels.
You can take it easily to any places.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle カバーを外して洗えます。

▲ Easily Removable Cover
All you need to do is undo the buttons at the top and fastener tapes at the bottom.

The cover is machine washable.

Other useful features!

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Strong lightweight aluminum frame

▲ Strong Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Weighs only 3.8 kg,
but very tough and durable.
You can use it with your siblings.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Zipper Door

▲ Zipper Door
Leave it open like curtains and
let your children go in and out.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Stabilization Plate

▲ Stabilization Plate
Makes the playpen more stable and
also prevents scratches on the floor.

More Features!
Provides a sense of security to parents and comforts to children.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle See-through mesh fabric

▲ See-Through Mesh Fabric
You can see your children clearly
through the soft black mesh fabric.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Soft mattress

▲ Soft Mattress
Washable soft comfortable mattress
with cute patterns.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Safely designed

▲ Safely Designed
For safety, inside frame is all covered
and no direct contact can be made while children are playing inside.

2 color options! Choose a right color for your home.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Cloud
Washable & Foldable Baby Circle クラウドの生地アップ

Cool grey color with cloud patterns.

※Click the image on the left for expanded view of the pattern.

Washable & Foldable Baby Circle Forest
Washable & Foldable Baby Circle フォレストの生地アップ

Warm brown color with forest and animal patterns.

※Click the image on the left for expanded view of the pattern.


Washable & Foldable Baby Circleのサイズ
Washable & Foldable Baby Circleたためばコンパクト
Washable & Foldable Baby Circle 持ち運び収納袋付き
Specification(The list will open)
Name Washable and Foldable Baby Circle Cloud/Forest
Target age 5 months ~ 3.5 years
Size (W×D×H) 152×118×70 cm
When folded: 33×31×70 cm
Weight About 3.8kg
Components Playpen (frame and cover), Stabilization plates (6), Storage bag (1), Storage belt (1)
Material Frame: Aluminum, Cover: Polyester, Parts: Polypropylene and TPR
Country of production China
JAN Code Cloud: 4955303706134 / Forest: 4955303706127
Product code Cloud: 5010174001/ Forest: 5010173001

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